EPCOR Riverfest

EPCOR RiverFest is a celebration of our North Saskatchewan River Valley parks system. Each day features a different variety of outdoor activities all geared up to help get you active in our river valley and on the North Saskatchewan River.

Enhancing Our River Valley For Your Enjoyment

River Valley Alliance is a non-profit organization working to create one of the largest river valley parks in the world. This includes linking seven municipalities via a continuous trail for biking, hiking and walking. But let’s not forget the river. We’re adding docks, pedestrian bridges, and washroom facilities to make getting outside that much easier for all to enjoy.

EPCOR Riverfest Activities

Our river valley parks system has so much to offer. We have brought some of our favourite things together so that you can sample them all at EPCOR RiverFest.


Grab your bikes and ride along a series of paths to see the most breathtaking picturesque sights.


Pick yourself up and prepare to stroll through lush jungle pathways for a more enjoyable experience.


Allow your feet to relax as you gear your hands to paddle the boat through the stream at the world’s largest river festival.

3 Locations. 2 Days. 1 River Valley Park System.

Well, that’s a wrap on this year’s EPCOR RiverFest – see you on the river in 2019! Over 2,200 paddlers on the river (and nearly 2,400 in attendance) celebrated the beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley at EPCOR RiverFest. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, volunteers, exhibitors, outfitters, event-goers and everyone else who came together over a love for the river valley! Check out some of this year’s news coverage! 2022 dates will be announced in the spring.


Edmonton Activities

EPCOR’s hosting a party on the river! Lots of family activities to get you all geared up for fun in the Edmonton River Valley.


Fort Saskatchewan Activities

Hosted by the River Valley Alliance and the City of Fort Saskatchewan, join us for EPCOR RiverFest downstream on the North Saskatchewan River.


Devon Activities

Hosted by the River Valley Alliance and the Town of Devon, join us for EPCOR RiverFest upstream on the North Saskatchewan River.

Services We Provided

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Our event has been sponsored by notable organizations and many exhibitor booths, ensuring that you have a good time throughout the festival.


We have the best volunteer staff to guide you through all of the activities and make it as easy as possible to join us in the activities and events around you.

Entertaintment Activities

Not only do we offer adventurous activities, but we also have fun activities that you can be a part of at your recreational time.


EPCOR Riverfest is highly recommended for adventurous people who wish to experience various activities all under one.

Jared B Fleming

An ideal festival where you can spend quality time with each member of your family.

Martha A House

The festival has the best crew working behind it to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and relaxed experience.

Ronald E Brooks

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Our First Year Was A Real Winner! Our Second Year Brought Out Even More Paddlers!

We have been arranging events as a team for the past two years, and they have been a massive success for everyone. We are confident that the third year will be even bigger for us and those who join us, with even more activities and fun. So don’t miss out on this opportunity! Find out more about our festival and come join us!