The RVA's goal is to create trail connectivity & access through a balanced approach of preserving, protecting & enhancing one of the largest metropolitan river valley park systems in the world.

In September 2017, the River Valley Alliance (RVA) introduced the first annual EPCOR RiverFest in partnership with title sponsor EPCOR – a natural fit because as Edmonton’s water, wastewater and drainage provider, EPCOR cares passionately about the North Saskatchewan River, which is where our drinking water comes from. The more people get the chance to experience our river and love it, the more they will help protect it.

The RVA is a not-for-profit organization directed by the Town of Devon, Parkland County, Leduc County, the City of Edmonton, Strathcona County, the City of Fort Saskatchewan, and Sturgeon County. These shareholders also play an important role in the planning of EPCOR RiverFest, with the City of Edmonton, Parkland County, and Town of Devon playing host in their communities along with the support of neighbouring RVA municipalities. 

The RVA’s objective is trail connectivity and access to the river valley – essentially making it easier for people to enjoy it. The organization coordinates the planning, funding and development of the river valley trail system through a balanced approach of preserve, protect, and enhance. The ultimate objective of the RVA is to connect one continuous trail from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan, spanning approximately 125 km.

This new festival highlights and celebrates the many ways people can safely connect with and enjoy the river valley — including those made possible through RVA projects, which include trails, pedestrian bridges and boat access.

What we’re hoping people will experience at EPCOR RiverFest is connection.

Connection to the river valley and to nature, and a human connection with others over a shared love for this natural wonder that’s right here in our backyard. Because that’s really what the RVA’s work is all about and what has brought us together with our amazing partners and sponsors.