If you’d like to take a break from everything and give yourself a real treat, you must go to EPCOR RiverFest. What can be more nourishing and enjoyable than spending time in the river valley and surrounding areas?
You can take in the wonderful sights, breathe the fresh air and get the relaxation you need. You can also enjoy the great range of outdoor activities in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and Devon. If you’d like to learn more about EPCOR RiverFest, read on.

There is an Increase in Popularity of the EPCOR RiverFest

Every year, more people are hearing about us and coming to enjoy the EPCOR RiverFest. As the events are sponsored by many organizations and exhibitor booths, the fun is guaranteed. The EPCOR RiverFest has lots of volunteers to show you around and help you make the best of the festival. Make sure to listen to their recommendations and follow their advice to have a great time.

EPCOR Riverfest

Great for Those with an Adventurous Spirit

If you are one of those people with an adventurous spirit, you will find that coming to this RiverFest is one of the best decisions you’ve made. It’s an excellent idea for a family vacation as well. You can go for a hike in the beautiful jungle pathways and get a good workout while enjoying the company of people. Or you can go cycling for long miles and be stunned at the beauty of the River Valley. Most people love paddling on the river.

Increase in Convenience

Adventurous Spirit

There is incredible convenience in the EPCOR RiverFest. You have a super friendly and helpful crew who will ensure you have no issues while you are there. You will find lots of friendly faces and get to meet interesting, new people. In the present day, more pedestrian bridges, washroom facilities, and docks are being added to increase the convenience and quality of experience while you are there.

Rich Atmosphere

There are more reasons than you can count on to come to the EPCOR RiverFest. Did you know that this is the world’s largest river festival, and it had more than 2000 paddlers on the river in the last festival season?
Many people realize the importance and beauty of the North Saskatchewan River after attending the RiverFest. You will commonly find people from Edmonton, Devon, and North Saskatchewan all gathered in one place to enjoy the food concessions, the booth displays, and fun activities of the RiverFest.

The reason why the RiverFest is so appealing is that you can feel the hard work of the volunteers along with the enthusiasm of the exhibitors, sponsors, and event-goers all in one place. This kind of atmosphere is very difficult to recreate anywhere else.

All in All

So, make sure to keep an eye on the dates for the next EPCOR RiverFest and head on over to the gorgeous North Saskatchewan River Valley with your friends and family to have a memorable time. The 2022 dates for the RiverFest are to be announced in the spring, so keep an eye out.